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This post may really look silly to you all but it is really useful stuff..
Below listed are all the Secret codes that are used by Reliance’s (Reliance CDMA) dealers, and’s spys have exclusively got all the codes only for you.

To checka particular RSN number’s activation date and its mobile number.
Send the following SMS to 53738:


    (This trick would really work when your mobile phone is lost and you want to check its status)


  • To check date of activation of a particular mobile number:
    Send the following SMS to 53738:
  • To check the status of an RSN number.
    Send the following SMS to 53738:
    (This code reveals the status of your handset. Whether it’s reported lost or so on..)
  • To check your application status:
    Send the following SMS to 53738:
    (This is really useful when you purchase a new handset and you wanna check the status of its application )

if want more just comment below so, i will post  more codes..!!

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  1. suhel

    2009 this trick is for sending free sms from your reliance send unlimited free sms from reliance prepaid change the sms center no. to +919246255009 and you can sent free sms from reliance mobile.
    Reliance free sms centre tricks for sending free sms this is the new
    tricks for sending free sms in reliance mobile by just using this
    number as your sms centre number

  2. Mohsin

    FREE RELIENCE Activate Caller tunes FREE FREE FREE…


    1. Sms CTUNESUB to 51234
    2. After 3 hours again SmS TRING to 51234
    3. then send NET to 51234

    Enjoy the trick

  3. rajkumar

    i want to all reliance gsm mobile securet code
    just give me & i want use free internet in gsm mobile.

  4. nitish maithani

    sir please tell me the secret codes to get talktime from my relince no.

  5. akhil

    i want to all reliance gsm mobile securet code.

  6. tigerstyle

    Hi, can u tell me how to check own mobile number in cdma, urgent.

  7. sanjiv

    i want to check call details of a number and i am not having that mobile with me… can u guide me to do so that i can trace whether my gf is loyal to me or not

  8. Mohsin


    he..he.. trust her she is always loyal to u :)

    there is no medicine for negativity.

  9. vick

    Hey sir i want that when i call someone my number should not display on anyones cell is that possible

  10. yakee

    can i get mobile number of my data card i lost its number. i have rsn code only.. customer care is not helpful…

  11. Nilesh

    I wanna code of reliance deactivation of callertune and sms code.

  12. ranjith

    i need the infomation about relance money transfer from one phone to other

  13. ANKIT

    sir, please tell me what is RSN NO. i have a palm pixi plus non sim CDMA phone . how this will get activated on reliance network

  14. Anil


    I recently bought motorola android from US. When i have gone and asked reliance webworld to activate my cdma number to droid, they said they need rsn number of android . I have MEID number and others on backside of battery. Please let me know how can i get RSN number for my cell. If that is not there i wont be able to use it :(. Thanks in advance.

  15. nitin

    how can i check the status of a mobile no. whether is it busy or not without calling on it.

  16. ankush

    Plz tell me the way to get free talk time on reliance cdma local and std to other than reliance phones means

  17. ss


    to know about his own number

    dial *1#

    after few second displayed your mo. number

    regards sachin

  18. ranu

    how to know other reliance gsm no. talk time balance

  19. gulshab

    Hi sir i have purchased a 2nd hand CDMA non-sim mobile RD9800 with RNS NO. but i dont know the mobile no. of that i want to make free that RNS no. for that reliance web world asking for mobile no. what should i do for get that no. atteched wiith that RNS no. 2years ago.. pleas guide me in this case

  20. ravi

    i want more secret codes