Solve HardDisk Detection Problem With Your Motherboard BIOS

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During POST (Power On Self Test), the BIOS try to get information about all the devises Connected to the system.

After checking the processor and RAM it checks for devise such you’re hard disk, CD-ROM, etc., and display them on screen with messages such As ‘detecting IDE drives…’ and Found Primary Master….’etc.

Sometimes your BIOS Just refuses to recognize your hard disk, basically making it useless-there’s no way windows will recognize your hard disk if the BIOS doesn’t. Let’s see why this happens:

Reasons for not detecting hard disk:

  • The most common reason is a loose or badly connected data cable. Make sure the data cable is plugged in properly, both into the hard disk, as well as the motherboard.
  • The same goes for power cable, so check that as well. Also, make sure that the red lines on the data cable and power cable are adjacent to each other.
  • One you’ve ruled out any cable problems, check the jumper setting on the drives. If two drives are connected to a port, make sure one is set as master and the other as Slave, or else both are set to Cable Select.
  • Next, make sure your drive controllers on your motherboard are not disabled. These controllers control IDE devices, and without them the BIOS cannot detect the drives.
  • Go to the BIOS setup, and under the Integrated Peripherals menu, make sure that ‘On Board HDC’ is enabled for both Primary and Secondary channels.
  • Also ensure that all drive types are set to AUTO under the Standard CMOS Setting.
  • If you are not comfortable with changing the BIOS values, just reset the BIOS to factory defaults.

When all else fails, so has your hard disk send it to a technician for servicing.

I hope this Guide will solve your hard disk detection problem on your motherboard bios.

Any specific trouble/problem write comments below we are happy to  detect your motherboard problem with our smart knowledge.

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  2. Arslan khan

    i am facing the same problem,my systems hard disk detection fails very frequently without any good reaon.then i usually open system unplug the power and data cable and blug them back in strictly.then system runs perfectly..but after that system may run without that problem a month,or not run a single day..even i dont touch may cpu so that cable may not get loose but this problem persists….i am very tired,and dont know the answer please help me in finding the solution of this problem..i will be very thankful to you..please reply soon .thanks.