How To Unlock Huawei E1550 Idea Netsetter 3G

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Last Month We have publish tutorial on How to Unlock Idea Netsetter. In this post i have mention how to Unlock idea netsetter 3G.

For 3G idea net setter unlocking  , u have to flash the firmware of 3G netsetter. To Download Unlocking Firmware for Idea netsetter device follow below download link.

DOWNLOAD Unlocking Firmware

After download of above firmware simply connect your netsetter device to your USB Port of computer.You will be prompted to enter idea net setter unlock code.

Install and Run the above firmware software to initiate unlocking of idea netsetter. you will get

Note: Make sure not to disconnect device untill whole flashing process get finished. else it may happen that your device software get currupted.

So,that’s it. your idea netsetter #G device is now unlocked.simple,isn’t it?

Another thing, if you want to upgrade your netsetter firmware with few more updates. please download it from Below link:

Download Updates for Idea E155X Series

download  google chrome themes 

Let me know any query related to unlocking of idea net setter, i will try to answer within 24 Hours of Time Period.

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  1. shailesh

    then can i use it with any service provider like airtel. vodafone

  2. Bilal pethania

    I cant able to download unlocking firmware,tell me way of downloading firmware.pls help me

  3. fazan

    plz.send unlock huaweie1550 code& setup

  4. Mohsin Patel

    Yes, you can. Use any cellular service provider simcard after unlocking modem.

  5. dritesh007

    thankx i successfully Unlock my E1550 & Now I M Using TATA DOCOMO 3G on it

  6. Mohsin Patel

    Great,Glad to know that :)

    Ritesh, please share your knowledge by comments so, other users can get benefit from it.

    I am trying to answers as many comments i can during my busy hours.

    still,i m in really in need of co-operation from all of you guys to serve better via

    thanks in advanced

  7. Rupesh

    i have successfully unlock my E1550, but i dont have settings for using other subscriber’s sim such as DOCOMO, Airtel, Aircel etc… on it. wil you plz help me by sending these settings for me to my email id or here?

  8. mehul

    dear sir,

    i read your article to unlock idea 3g net-setter …thanx for that.
    sir,i request to post article how to us idea net setter with3g speed on 2g recharge..

    thank you

  9. dinit

    is it required original sim card(which provided with netsettr)?

  10. Mohsin Patel

    No Not really, u can remove that if required

  11. Rishikesh

    Mohsin bro can u plz tell me how to unlock my micromax datacard.

  12. jyothish

    mohsin bo,
    can I unlock netsetters which are locked by entering wrong code for 10 times..??
    plzz help me.. :)

  13. jyothish

    DC – Unlocker 2 Client 1.00.0557

    Detecting card :

    selection :
    manufacturer – Huawei modems
    model – Auto detect (recommended)

    Found modem : E1550
    Model : Huawei E1550
    IMEI : 356052041491342
    Serial NR. : B5A4CA1112601462
    Firmware : 11.609.18.00.00
    Compile date / time : Aug 04 2010 20:00:33
    Dashboard version : UTPS11.300.05.15.143_MAC11.301.09.01.143
    NAND Flash : hynix_128M_32M
    Voice feature : enabled
    SIM Lock status : Locked (Card Lock)
    Wrong codes entered : 10 (unlock attempts left : 0)

    plzzzz help me…

  14. Alankar

    How u can Unlock your Huawei idea netsetter E1550 modem.Plze send unlock software.

  15. gaurav k patel

    after unlock idea net setter
    can i use 3g speed with bsnl,airtel,docomo,idea etc?

  16. trex


  17. sreenu

    iam alredy unlock netsetter3g but thats not connect the net error comming 633 means port error so plz help me

  18. Yogesh Verma

    Hey You can’t use cdma sim card in gsm data card because both working process are different and also gsm data card have 15 digit IMEI no. but cdma card have s/n.
    so if you want to use cdma card then buy another data card like tata photon’s(huawei ec121).

  19. Yogesh Verma

    which sim card you are using for different provider settings are different so check your network profile .

  20. raje

    hi i want e1732 modem firmware i have that but it not ask flash code help plz?

  21. salvi ramesh

    i require step for unlock net setter
    and password for software run

  22. Dr.sancheti

    hello sirjee,
    i have tata indicom internet using usb
    details written on :-
    Tata indicom
    please tell me procedure/solution how can i use tata docomo /airtel card for net on laptop.
    i have already cut down tataindicom connetion before 8mth.
    please help me.
    Thanks a lot
    Dr.shailesh sancheti

  23. kalpesh Sonagra

    Hi Mohsin,

    Can u pls help me!
    I’ve unlocked my idea net setter e1550 from market,
    But when i install it with original sim card,
    it is bloked and require pin number.
    IMEI : 356052045695997

    i’ve tried 2 attempt out of 3, with below numbers
    now it is last attempt.
    Pls reply if u can help.

  24. Prayag

    I am purchasing idea 3G net setter at 7/7. and also unlocking this net setter. Now i instal idea connectivity software install. but problem is that when i connect to internet through this setter i am connected. but i can not access any website or any home page. so what i do?? please give me a suggestion.

  25. Shaila

    hey plzzzz help me to unlock my idea netsetter model E1550. If anyone have some suggestion and complete procedure…..

  26. Shaila

    sir could u send me the exact procedure to unlock idea netsetter 3g E1550.

  27. dritesh007

    u need to remove sim card when firmware update in process
    first u need to enter flash code at when update process start & after when u r update is complete insert any other sim like tata docomo or airtel or vodafoe then open idea netsetter app it will ask unlock code & that time u need to enter Unlock code & click ok
    thats it u r sim wil acept by device if u have 3G coverage so will get Blue Blink light ( WCDMA xxxxxx ) & if u in 2G so u wii get green Blink light ( EDGE xxxxxx )

  28. umesh

    i ad unlocked my idea netsetter but when i try to connect using bsnl 3g card it shows error 619. plz help. give me solution

  29. umesh

    hi,,,i unlocked my huwaei modem,,but while connecting they showed an error 619-connection to the remote computer cannot be established

  30. Kunal

    worked for me…..
    thanks a lot….
    will save me a lot of time from changing sims to use my nokia e72 as modem and changing sim cards….

  31. Veera

    Is automatically asks unlocking code? Please send mail to me a complete procedure to unlock idea netsetter 3G

  32. Rajendra

    my idea net setter is locked pls get me unlock code……imei no. is 352965041109933

  33. chakravir pratap

    I am also unable to unlock my modem by the process given by you. getting the error message: Unhandled exceptation has occured in your application. If you click continue, the application will ignore this error and attempt to continue. if you click quit, the application will close immediately. Please do the needful.
    imei no. is 354638040240995

  34. santosh_alex

    Hello any one please tell me exact procedure to use BSNL 3g sim in my idea net setter
    MODEL : white/E 1550
    iam using idea sim with edge network(3g network is not available in my town only bsnl 3g network is available)
    i am getting less speed 5kBps iam tired of using this IDEA edge network after paying 2000 rs for device and 300 for sim this stupid speed suggests me that net on my mobile phone is better then my pc
    only 3g provider on my town is BSNL 3g
    and i want to use it on my netsetter
    can i use it?
    if it fails can i return back to my edge network of IDEA?
    i need some help
    i live in vizianagaram ,near vizag ,andhra pradesh.

  35. Mukesh

    I have a idea net setter 3G Huawie E1550 cracked. using sim of Docomo.
    I am getting fine browsing speed. but download & upload speed is max 12kbps.
    Pl. help me to solve the prob…
    Can I get download & upload speed of 3G upto 500 kbps to 3.6 mbps?
    Help me please…


  36. Abin

    new e1550 firmware 11.609.20.03.356…. unable to unlock with any existing tools or firmwares…..

    Idea finally finds a solution against unlocking…

    can u plz help…..

  37. Anamica

    Hello i have tried to make my idea setter get unlocked by giving it to a shop keeper but whenever i connect it to my pc it gives a message that your connection is closed by network. Please let me know how i resolve it ?

  38. RAMEN

    Hi dude,
    Recently i had buy a idea netsetter modem E1550,
    modem version : 11.609.20.02.356
    I had tried almost all tricks to unlock, But it failed. The new modem comes with customized firmware (as same as E1732)so we can not unlock it . I hope you have solve this prolem .

    So please send me your last comment…..Thanks.

  39. anudeep alex

    i have idea netsetter of huawei…model E1550…i want 2 unlock it plz do help me nd reply… my modem details are given below

    ce name: E1550
    Application port: COM5
    Serial number: B5A4CA1131824983
    IMEI: 356052044742188
    Hardware Version: CD6ATCPU
    Firmware Version: 11.608.14.15.356
    Software Version:

    pls reply to my mail id :

  40. aditya

    how to get unlock code for e1550

  41. kumar

    i tried to update E155x, but it s getting err:which is “the wireless terminal inserted is not E155x,update wizard can’t work…can u help plz

  42. sairam rvk

    hi . i had bought a new idea netsetter 3g with firmware version 11.609.20.03.356 . i had update dashboard . idea netsetter is replaced with huawei mobile partner ,but cannot use another sim it is saying “only specified usim/sim can be used”. i had tried ur unlocking procedure but errors are coming .please help me

  43. Rafi Khan

    i have already unlock my eg162g netsetter , and it is working with all services provider, kindly guide me how to make it 3g

  44. sudhir choudhary

    hi, i tried the flash code and nck code but both time the password was not accepted can any body help me asap

  45. shashi

    i tried to update E155x, but it s getting err:which is “the wireless terminal inserted is not E155x,update wizard can’t work…can u help plz

  46. Shriram Kushwa

    Dear Sir,
    How do i get unlock my idea netsetter model No: (Huawei E-1550).
    kindly get back to me soon.


  47. Jagat Panchal

    Please Sir ,
    Tell me How can we Unlock the vodafone 3g stick and iphone?
    Last time When I visited your website i found that “how to unlock the idea netsetter” it will very much help to me

  48. PINTU

    Dear Friend,
    I want to unlock idea net setter E1550.
    my IMEI – 356052047979712
    Firmware version- 11.609.20.03.356
    Software Version –

    Its already request for new PUK no ?

    Kindly help ….

  49. ZeeshanAzeem

    Dear Sir,
    Please how to UNLOCK this FIRMWARE 11.609.20.03.356 its new version of huawei E1550 (idea net setter) because idea its changed his firmware
    i am very angry for this please sir please HELP ME ! thank you

  50. alkesh shah

    hi i have idea e1550 customized version and fresher in unlocking so tell me on flashing time we have to remove sim card or not and the above unlocker is working onabove said version

  51. alkesh shah

    and give me a flasher who can flash any modem without any credits or registration

  52. krishna shepal

    sir i have idea netsetter model-e1550 please give me solution for unlock this device

  53. deepak roy

    hi friends these all trics are quite confusing but don’t worry i m shearing a simple procedure…………..

    Unlock firmware 11.608.14.00.356 (IDEA)

    1. Firmware flash code (Flash):
    a. Double click the E155XUpdate_11.608.13.02.00.B418.exe
    b. Enter your 8 digit flash code

    2. Network unlock code (NCK):
    a. Remove the SIM card and connect the USB Modem to the PC
    b. Run the HUAWEI_MODEM_Code_Write
    c. click – Please Select Com Port
    d. click detect and slect your modem from list then click accept
    f. click Unlock Modem and enter your 8 digit unlock code
    g. click ok
    use at ur own risk,and don’t forget mailing me if u like…..

  54. ukn

    after unlock idea net setter
    can i use 3g speed with bsnl,airtel,docomo,idea etc?

  55. gaurav

    i am not able to do it…dont know why…i am just frustrated please help me out…..

    i think i have unlocked it, because when i used to connect my data card it opens up the megafox software but when i used to put any sim card other then idea it do not show any signal and say that only mega sim or Usim can be used…
    what it is all about?

    @Publisher : please help me…plz plz plz…:’(

  56. sreehari

    i am using e1550 netsetter modem.i would like unlock it and use another sims.I was not able to use another idea sim other than the sim provided during can i unlock it?

    my fie\rmware version is 11.609.20.03.356.
    i tried a lot for this firmware version,but i cant find this version even to follow ur process specified,.so plz provide me the unlocking firmware version

  57. Hanshu

    i am using e1550 netsetter modem.i would like unlock it and use another sims.I was not able to use another idea sim other than the sim provided during can i unlock it?

  58. Ashish Shah

    Whether I should keep my Idea active sim card in the net setter for unlocking or I should remove it……

  59. reddy

    e1550 net setter i when connected to my pc that was not detected then i tried to firmware update that shows error message at2.the data card is not properly by.other program using the data card do not have authority of the administrator pls help me

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